walking on a dream

hve you heard that song from yuna? i swear the song is just damn nice. eargasm :p haha ok im not doing anything rn such a sad life im havin. wanted to post a new post here but i just dont know what to tell.

ok. guess il start with life.

4 letters with 2 vowels uh haa you got that. seen the palestinians suffer time by time and it saddens me alot. such a heartbreaking moment. lama kot diorg suffer. dari 90s sampai la skrg. and a lot of ppl there hve been killed cruely. the israelis hve no heart at all. sad to say that you guys (mmg dah confirm) will rot in hell later. mmg confirm au setan. aku atleast last2 masuk syurga gak daripada kau? apa takpat. ok listening to sing it rock n roll right now by ock :p

lepastu kat twitter kecoh psl boycott semua en. hati yg murni k. such a lovely heart they hve. boycott je ah mcd and starbucks tu semua. apa masalahnya? diorg ni masalahnya yg tweet2 tu semua tweetfamous la konon pastu tweet as if diorg betul la then org lain pun support ah dah tweetfamous en. aku cakap boycott je ah. ape masalahnya kalau lepasni kau tk mkn mcd dah? mati er? diorg cam ohh get your facts right laa and thats not the way to end the war by boycotting mcd starbucks and all i swear when i was reading the tweets on my timeline all i said was just screw you bitch. hell awaits ya. apa saja yg kita boleh lakukan utk org kat sana buat jelah. terang2 diorg bg duit utk bom kan ape semua tu. ok they were saying like this "kata boikot product israel/america but youre wearing levis" aku cam jgn la mcm tu. prolly the dude or whoever that person is has bought the jeans a long time ago ke pls ah jgn sempitkan minda tu, naikla atas sikit. cam kesian pun ada tau. atleast dia try gak buat satu usaha utk selamatkan org kat sana. baju boleh pakai lifetime doh tp makanan tu wei. selagi boleh tahan tu kira usaha doh aku tahu mcflurry oreo and fillet o fish dia addictive gila aku tau tp pls ah do.

cos on that one fine day He'll ask you abt your effort on bringing the justice. He definitely will. the aftermath is another story but bro, effort mu. sungguh aku kabor ke mu, selamak mu sampa mu mati. Pray for gaza, Amin :)


a normal feeling

ok. been listening to the ramones' blitzkrieg bop before getting that spirit to update this freaking blog with a yeah, post. ok hmm so ive been falling in love with this one guy that i wont tell you. well, my best friends know :p so yeah hes just..different in a way.. :)

i really like him and hes very nice and..cute and idk hes just so damn perfect in my eyes x) well, we've been friends since 2010 i guess and hes like a friend of my ex..but the heck cares rite? haha but the thing is:

-what if he doesnt like me back?
-what if he likes someone else?
-what if im just a friend to him?
-what if?
-what if?!

too many questions in my head and they are squeezing my damned brain so hard. HELP.

look, im totally right. whats the point of having a relationship anyways. when in the end everybody leaves? well..of course what i meant is you will get dumped and he'll leave you for another goddamn girl. oh world why are you so mean in all ways. cos ive been thru a lot you know. and ive seen a lot of girls that got ditched by their damn boyfriends aka the assholes and ran for another bitch that is a TOTAL BITCH of course. konklusi?

my friend and her ex dated for about 2-3 years and they were lovely. a perfect item, happy lovers. but then they broke up and i asked my friend why. and she was like "my boyfriend got back with her ex girlfriend". bodoh ah siot. padahal muka jantan tu cam syg gila kot kat kawan aku ni. and they were just ok. tak gaduh apa pun kot. but then yeaaaaaa. cam setan pun ada gak
but then kau tgk ah my friend is happy now. he met a guy that is BETTER than her previous. Sumpah happy utk dia. and to her ex boyfriend: go f*ck yourself.
I swear my friend is all happy now.

So my advice is: get dumped and there goes your happy ending. i can guarantee that


okay yeayyyyyy spm has ended! my last paper was yesterday it was accounts and yes it was rlly hard
so have fun guys :~) cam malas pulak nak update bye