i dont know how to deal with this. you see me laugh, hence you think that im living in a happy shit of life. hmmm ive got to admit that im not as good as other girls out there. i complain a lot, can be annoying as hell, i curse a lot, i swear, i use bad words in every convo with everyone, i dont know whats the point of doing so. i mean seriously lah kan, you curse, you say harsh words to the ppl arnd you; leads to hatred? gains more dislikers? causes heartache? bcse you know, when someone throws vulgar words to ya man, how do you feel? of course you'll be like oookay whats wrong with this girl rite. but idk, its like a habit already. dont say that i ddnt even try to avoid using harsh words in speaking nor try to overcome this piece of shit that has been bugged me for quite a long time. i tried everything, its just probably theres one major stuff that has led me to cursing. its bcse im tired of everything. cliche but yeas, i had enough of effing everything. so to freakin forget that "everything" shit for awhile is just cursing. im sorry for being such a dickhead everyone