ask me why. change. then we'll see


okay i gotta say this. i love blogger. so fucking damn much. eh mind me cos im gonna use the "fucking" word all the way here cos, i think the "fucking" word makes me feel better and greater i mean like fuck yeah dude, dont you think so? anyway yes yes yes my little kitties, i just love blogger. ask me why. ask me why. because i think blogger is the only site where you can let out everything that you want like yeah you know when you are in this kind of situation, blogger will do nothing except for posting whatever we say after clicking the publish post button. oh my god isnt that just awesome. okay..

why. why. i know twitter is the greatest. all the social networks cant beat twitter again i repeat, CANT BEAT TWITTER. cos twitter is the only cute site that tells everybody what are we actually doing or to be exact what is happening around us. hoooman, whatever that you want to tell ah, cos its yr twitter and nobody cant talk shit abt whatever you tweet. well...yeah. this is all true true true to the max but heck yeah, blogger is still the best. cos twitter has the word limit fuck shit that makes me wanna cry everytime i over-type something :( i hate this part. hahaha. 140 and less-er i guess. hoomygod fuck the system but its just so adorable kan
okay i suck at crapping but i just won the crapper award..

i never liked tumblr. HA HA. serious thing. i made one for myself last year and never opened the tumblr of mine after that cos i forgot the password HA HA! so kaciaoooo



suddenly lewat

you know whts my current fave song?
wani ardy-suddenly lewat
DENGAR OK tapi ori lain la dgn yg ni, X

i know its long so dont read

hello cant believe you guys are still alive. hehe, be grateful cos you are still awesome like yesterday. theres a lot of people out there died bcse of the pain that has been caused by their own teeth. so thank god people, thank god you are still here, watching your kids playing uno, watching yr husband playing with another whore-man and so on. you.are.still.ALIVE!

wow. todays boring. wellllll i gotta say that i won the boring days.. fuck my life. fuck my life you heard me. i just think i have a sad life that i finally spilled out on blogger or twitter. what a fucking joke. no kidding. i just hate the world. or prolly my life sucks to the max, who wud knw. cos you know why, ive been waiting for the one wonderful year i mean the awesome days with friends family and loved ones, getting good grades at school, doing well in examinations. good points to feel good being ALIVE but heck no i just hate my life cos..i dont think my life is cool like anyone else. this is suck. sucks to be me. yeaaaaaa or maybe my life is okay but im the one who complains like a bitch. well. mind me. i gotta love my life!! so the moral of the story is, our lives are cool :-) cooler than theirs. well. yeaaaaa see just started crapping!

hm do you know why i dont feel safe tweeting anymore? do you know why? somebody just tweeted i dunno what to tweet anymore cos u guys r so fucking judgemental. oh cmon dude. throw your balls away before saying tht. we are human. we cant escape from judging people, its natural. youre lying if you say, im okay with everybody, i accept their flaws, their fudging annoying attitude, their all that NO MAN NO. this is bullshit. everyone does judging people. i mean yeah everyone does. yea yea yea i know theres a quote or saying or whatever they call thats written like this: dont judge a book by its cover but hey...guess what we do judge a book by its cover. dont act like you are so like a holybitch crap from heaven. even our parents judge our close friends cos they wear some sort of shit on their shirt. idk. i do think so. cos we do judge people. we cant really accept anyone's flaws. cos we are not perfect. and i do think the saying is another bullshit that is written by a liar. am sorry for being rude by i just think it is. the saying never helps anyone in this world. NEVER. they made the saying just to please the "so-not-attractive" books. huh. what a nice scene. this is cosmic. i fucking hate knowing tht.

oh back to the story, i dont feel safe tweeting anymore bcse of the tweeps tht think they are so great and a piece of shit from the mother fucking place wheerever they come from. they fucking make my twitworld went chaos like petknode. i fucking hate the new tweeps that just migrated themselves from facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you you you you bitch bitch bitch. the reason they made a fucking twitter acc each one cos they think facebook is boring thats one. numba two they think twitter is the place where they can insult anybody cos facebook is no longer a private social network nymore. next, they think cos all our their friends have atleast one twitter acc!!!! my god thats so annoying like taj mahal i swear. then whatever the other tweep tweets something you complain like fuck like what the hell ew anyway i better stop now

i curse a lot here. im sorry readers. i cant stand it.. Maafkan saya jika saya menyinggungkan perassan semua pihak. saya naif



i want to make my blogspot feel alive. alive like it used to be. you munchkin i love you :*
listening to Ari lasso's rahasia perempuan.


this is my baby. forever mine.


i miss the times when its only you in my head. not anymore, youve been replaced by someone whom i think has..made my world fell apart. im sorry. i miss the old times. 2011 changed me. i am a big girl now. all i want is just last year when we were so happy and loving each other. this year taught me that im now 16. no longer an immature 15 year-old-girl, im so sorry for everything. time flies and i swear i never had the intention to break yr heart. and yknow wht i never had the intention to get to know him. i swear. you didnt know the real story. all i wanted is get back with you. do you even care? i made him feel useless and gave him false hope. i didnt mean to do that to him but i didnt know wht to do and i thought thts the only way to avoid him and be with you like we used to. he ended up calling me so many times and texted me whats wrong with me cos i changed and didnt respond to whatever he asked at tht time. its a long sad story, I. you will never know wht i ve been thru. we didnt talk for weeks and he started to hate me. just bcse of you, bcse i wanted you back. bcse i said i still love you. you'll never know, you'll never know

but then, i felt like i made a mistake. well maybe he was the one? cos whenever i needed someone, he was there for me, hearing every single thing tht i wanted to tell and spending time together after school and such. and not just bcse of that. you acted like NOTHINGS HAPPENING BETWEEN US. thats the saddest part. you didnt care abt me. i needed you the most okay, but you have never been there for me. well yeah today, tomorrow but after that? no ok, no! you werent there for me everyday. i was so lonely. you didnt text me but yeah you called but one call per day fuck my life. all i want is a happy relationship. an understanding lover. a bestfriend. and a guy that takes me as i am. you were. no worries you were. i felt so fucked up that i finally received a text from S saying that hes sorry for not approaching me and all. he changed everything and i do love him until now. yes hes the sakai-est guy ive ever met the gatal-est (wow is that a word. i hope the meaning is still there. you got me rite. pls say yes) guy ive ever known and such. all the negative attitudes are in him. i swear he is a jerk but hes the guy i love until now. yeah until now we broke up and all that. ive been thru a lot with him ok. hes the only guy who understands me did but we barely meet each other do you know tht? you know what I, you used to be the guy i will always love til the end. but by meeting this asshole, he gives me support to just live my life without the person i always loved. bcse i know you arent worth it anymore.

my friends hate him. do you know tht? yes my close friends do hate you, S. bcse yeah, one, your fucking attitude that makes me feel like dying. two: you tell me. everybody keeps talking abt how bad you are. and what? they also judged me cos i was with you but fuck this shit, i dont even care, but probably, the only thing that matters is your attitude,that needs to be changed. they all hate him but hey, compared to you I, they really like you. they said you're better than him. do you know bcse of wht? bcse i kept defending you! YES I DID. just so you know, not anymore. i kept telling them that you are way better than all the guys out there. you're the best you're the sweetest everything in you is a charmer! you lucky dude. i loved you like hell last time. i dont think everybody will love you as much as i did. they love you bcse i kept backing you up and saying you're the nicest guy ive ever known and i am so lucky to be yours once,twice. but this is all bullshit. this is.

and now, i dont know if he still loves me or wht. bcse i do. i really want to be with him but all i know is he will never change. why? hmm cse i do think so. and everyone says so. well..we wont know. but i know. cos he has done this a lot of times and i swear i had enough. i dont want to get disappointed this time. if he still wants me back, pls pls pls change for our sake.
Ya Allah ya tuhanku please give me strength to thru all this. im not strong :(

in this story, it all happens in a blink of an eye. you, me, him. im just..confused. i dont know why am i spilling this out on BLOGGER!! help me i just want to let it all out!!!! friends wont help. they cudnt. hmm i cant take this anymore. if god says yes its a yes then. il be with him. if no, its a no. il move on and try to let him go.. X

next to the post

you know the videos next to this post are the videos i like a lot. maharaja lawak omg the vids give me happiness cos everytime i watch the vids, i feel so happy and blessed. like very blessed dude, you'll never know. the guys in each video shud make a book abt themselves. i mean you know, im the joker yo. without me, i know you guys will never feel "happy". well "happy" as in happy laughing all the way like theres no no no no no tomorrow. that makes sense rite. i just love maharaja lawak. they made my day today :') they did.

acid house kings. the favourite band of mine from there "pointing somewhere" Sweeden. my god, this talented girl, julia something, her voice is nice. very nice. i like her voice sooo much. everytime i listen to their songs, i just wish her voice was mine or something. cos i am freaking inlove with her voice okay. and this band has so many good songs and guess what? i know all their songs and their songs and on my ipod. i love them! they are my fave band! ofcourse oasis and the smiths are still the fave ones, no worries tho.

and lastly, the pipettes. omg :D i just love their voices. their voices are damn unique and nice. their songs are all catchy.. my fave songs are i love you, your kisses are wasted on me, one night stand and judy. all of these songs are from their first album if im not mistaken. try check out the vids peeps. im sure they'll not disappoint you. their voices are good i swear. but unfortunately, i dont think their new album, earth vs the pipettes is the next best album. cos the songs are not that good anymore and the pipettes has only 2 women now. wondering wht has happened to another woman cos her voice the best! well..keep wondering



everytime you say fuck you, you feel better. better than just saying fck you. or maybe f you. or prolly fux you. rite? i just thought about that. wow. i never thought i will be wasting my time thinking abt this shit. its just not worth it. idk, maybe? you tell me bitch you tell me

after all that we've been thru sis, after all. this is the end? this is the end? for real man? c'mon sis, is this? weve been thru a lot ok. a lot. plus i swear i was there all the time when you needed me. but i guess this is how we ended our relationship. fuck you for everything. fuck you for hearing other's pathetic story abt me. fuck you for believing them the hoes. fuck you for being such a pain in the ass. i swear i helped you a lot. but this is what i got in the end. fuck you sister. such a shame on you

you gotta know how special you were to me.
move aside. no longer want you in my life. i hope you'l be happier without me, the bitch that you called yr "sister"



i dunno why i just dont feel the same anymore. you've changed ive changed weve changed and live our life on our own different ways. i do think its a big deal. like cmon ah, what are we? exes kan, mestilah mcm rasa tak worth it kalau dah lama tak ada apa2. moving on is the hardest part, everyone knows that. i just want you to know that once i heard you've moved on, i will try to do so. takkan aku nak duk diam je and feel like theres nothing going on? if you still want me back, let me know. cos lifes just too confusing. so do relationships

later X


ok so does my blog look ok? yes? no? well i think yes and i certainly dont care abt wht r you thinking abt this blog. cse seriously, this is the only template/design/whatever it calls that suits my blog or may i say the one i think is ok? so ive ignored my blog for hell, a long time since i was so busy with my life and blablabla. plus im so into twitter now. such an easy way to tell "penis-es are for assholes". you dont have to login to yr blog and write the single sentence, i mean for just that sentence, so not cool. i think thats why they made twitter. the easiest way to tell everybody "mum's pregnant!!" or "dads buying a new car for sydeney my lil sister :D" or perhaps "i hate my teeth. i blame the braces" less than 140 words i guess. la la la. such an easy way rite? to tell everybody that you're married and such.

at the same time im also ignoring facebook but not that much. i guess bcse myspace has been so hard to be used, we only have facebook left for us to communicate with the people out there. im hating myspace currently bcse i cant read the ex's comments anymore when i wanted to cherish the moments with him so bad. fuck you myspace. fuck you for being such a hard ass-thing to be used now.

thats all for now i guess. il see you on the next post yeah X


finding out that my blog is boring. so whitey white and such a plain design. kinda need to upgrade it or something. lets just, MAKE UP! see you on the next post yeah XX


this one annoying bitch

hookay i feel like updating my blog becauseeee of this freakin bitch. i read my senior's blog which is also a friend of mine theeeen i found a link to her blog. i read all and i went like mother f shit does she think shes famous or wht? this mother fucking bitch is so annoying. i feel like slapping her. all she knows is saying bad things abt others and never looked at herself at first.

just so you know girl, you are now 17 and you gotta change. immature kid from hell.
you annoying annoying bitch.
and everytime i see you at school, i swear i thought your ass is on yr face or something. fcking hate you.