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im soo promoting my 4shared acc (poyo)

See ya

Hello 2011!

hii. I just wanna say Happy New Year guys. today is 31st december 2010, im so going to miss 2010. :') friends, moments, you, you and still, you

I miss you soo much



And 2011, please please please be good to me.




We were given: Two hands to hold. Two legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find.


poisson distribution

Be grateful of what you have now,be happy with yr life. Appreciate those who love you by loving them back. Be nice to everyone, altho everyone knows you are not that nice (ouch thats sarcastic but haha, its a true stuff baby) Let him/her know that you effin love him/her cse you might lose her/him someday or maybe tomorrow. Who knows right. DO whatever you like, altho you cant. But still, do whatever you like. Just do it. Altho everyone will be like, wtf is wrong with him/her yo? Say "WHAT?! Its my life jackasses" Yea its yours, live it your way. Dont be such a scumbag. Dont be a wannabe. Its like you really like this girl rom yr school and youre like "ohmygod, shes such a hottie" AH, who the hell cares. Youre going to choose her as your role-model is it? Get over it girl, you are pretty in your own way lady. Ok? For the guy, the only guy I love, he knows that I love him. going to say that again ,I love you

Im advising myself. Noted


under the tuscan sun

Im bored. thats why.hii everyone ,its been awhile ive been good, how do you do? EH, i miss you! dont you just..miss me too? :P YEES soo, since im bored like hell here lets usha some vids on ytube
maybe thats all. you can discover new nice songs onytube or wherever
im now watching the maine-You left me
Kay im off to somewhere

and im stalking this girl. whom i dislike since she disturbs my friend's life. but her status-es are very..awesome. tapi poyo la ,semua copypaste kat satu page ni hahahaha tkleh bla siallllllllll ish bengang "ish!hahaha"
Kasha la tu

-We don't need to rush. If something's meant to be, it will happen. In the right time, with the right person, & for the best reason

-‎"Hi." is a short, simple word. But it's how love starts

-I always tried to make you happy. But it never worked

-Be a girl that his "girl-friends" will be jealous, the girl that his mom will absolutely love, & the girl that he will never forget

-Don't ever believe someone when they promise to never hurt you. Be smart enough to know, no one can keep that promise forever

-When you are single, all you see are happy couples

-Treat your girl right or another man will

-Would it kill you to just say hi to me and make my day?

-I want to be the reason for your smile, nothing more

-I want someone that won't give up on me

-All I want is someone who's afraid of losing me

-I wish to be the only girl in his eyes

-Not all men are the same

-The day you fall in love, it changes your life

-Everyone deserves a second chance

-My status might say "single", but my heart is taken

-I miss how close we were
-I look at him as a friend, then I realized I loved him

-They tell me "get over him." Yeah if I could, I would

-I'm lovesick and you're my only cure

-I always wonder if he knows that my status is about him

-You are the story of my life, I am just a part of yours

-I love you, can you hear me?

-At least, I know that you don't care

-Every girl wants to hear a boy says "I love you"

er idk whats wrong with me. anyway i gtg.Byebye,lovelove!


Jangan jadi bangang, fikir balik.



Ni yang susah ada kawan indon ni,tak habis2 la angga ni



hi everyone!! im so happy!! idk why, my butterfly feelings are worth it. nyummy nyum..
First of all, i'd like to thank myself for being such an idiot, congrats you got 3as bum. Superb! so who the hell are you? just finished onthephone with my giiiiirlfriend Shada! sayang kau mmmuamammamamammauauauauauuauauaaah hahaha Zak! hes yours :-)

Kay, you are so cute.
Me: *laughs like hell*
Shada: aku lempang kau bodoh sebulan
Me: aku memang dah bodoh pun
Shada: *laughs like hell times 2*

Haha miss you gal. congrats everyone who got straights As (duh). Lily, Keshean, Tini, Anys, Zak!!, and all..




yer. 3as. haha congrats elin


cause Im better with you

Losing you is like losing my virginity. im so fucking worried and think abt it everyday. and dreaming about you everyday is the hardest part for me to move on



sarcasm, Embrace it

Sarcasm Pictures, Images and Photos

lol, so earnie from sesame street.hheehe. newayys, hows life? good? bad? sucks? mines sucker. yeah, tell me abt it. hope today's gonna be loony all the way. God, bless us! 12:41am im here, typing like nobody's bussiness and, talking to myself-"gempak gile lawak kampus" for gazillion times since i checked out this website that posted a lot of their comic strips. damn, im definitely going to buy the comics tomorrow since I know il be bored on monday and tues. Yeah, going to Kelana jaya for the fcking grooming class. Now thats epicc. im such a thumbelina.
Al! im sooo gonna kill you. China is awesome!! ive been there,thats why :B lol
i surveyed nice outfits and tshirts on ebay and i want this top so badly. no pic,too lazy. just want to keep you updated lol so yeah. im dying here. today's plans:
first- maybe, if i wake up early, im gonna follow my brother and my dad to pkns whatever since my brother got a football match there. if i wake up late, i still got to wake up early before 10 bcse i got my fcking appointment with the dentist. next, im gonna force my mum to go to curve bcse i want to go to ikano to buy books. books books, books for me. il be bored without books accompanying me. later, il decide. seriously im tired like hell. im going to sleep

Azri! i know yre reading this, i just want to say that..actually i was sleeping at that called me at 3:30pm!! im not a baby girl, im a lady. sleeping is my priority hahaha! daripada punk2 terus bagi lempang free2. could you ever imagine what it feels like when someone said "Bapak epic caller ringtone you! hahahaha!" Epic gile do. sumpah, sebab caller ringtone tu cm gempak ah i ambik. So cam bila org call cam walaweh lin.......sedapnye lagu

Anyway for those non-malaysians who read this blog, Mhmm, welcome i guess. you cant understand my writing fully cse..Im malay yo!

Hey. i still get butterflies when i think of you. Regards ,spread the loves


eh, what else can i say

Cosmic. how ironic.

-tumblr says

walking on the hills at night with those fireworks and candlelights

When i was eager to find my pictures with my old mates..i found this ^
I look so diff without spectacles hahahahahahah
Lamee. but no. f you. Our friendship will last forever! you can always count on me. like 4321 il be there? Zzz
Seriously,am feeling like writing about you my dear Mariah Izzati Amir Hamzah
Thanks thanks and thanks for everything. My "everything" includes your supports, your kindness towards me, your craziness of being such a good friend for me (it makes me happy though), and everything. Must i mention all? hehe k your time for me. called you from 12-4am just because..i was bored??! we shared secrets like real deep ones. & youve got million ways to make me laugh. seriously.. what a fxking joke kan? ''Your ears for me'' means thanks for listening to my stories and for all my craps! seriously nobody can stand it. I crap alot like hell alot!! nobody will understand except her. i love it when i crap and she'l be like *laugh* ye lin ,ha yg tu lah
The strength you gave when I cried so bad bcse of things that happened to me, the words that make me feel like youre with me(supporting my way)-"ee aku pun geram ni, bodo betul la .......... ni"
Youre like the nicest girl in the school. everyone wants to be your friend. the seniors, the juniors, the guys, the girls, all. tired of acting like your personal assistant when everybody was like "hi kak mariah" Allah je tahu betapa sakitnye hati aku melayan kerenah budak-budak pramatang but hey, dont take it seriously hehehe.. Hmm,Sometimes im like..hoooomygod, shes so nice.. how could a nice girl ended up befriended a bitch?? answer that
Thanks for giving me your advices eventho i never listened to any. hahaha hey some lah.. ofcourse i did some, youre a good advisor,remember? thanks for always having the guts to do everything that you got to do just for the sake of me!! and to make me really Happy. i know how "SS" could you be. Thanks for that. damn shes an angle from upperhead. seriously, never thought a shy and quiet girl like her can be like very insaaaaaaane. Yes we are nuts!!

Mariah i know youre reading this i want to say that..i never thought you can be a good friend like a very good one like now cse..i used to hate you alot dulu like seriously i hated you like i hate a bitch from hell. Serious tau. jangan la ambik hati. kau pun tahu kau jahat dengan aku kan dulu. Hahaha! but no offence, got no revenge at all :D
People said youve changed since you befriended me, and all i want to say is, Im sorry. you lost a lot of friends since youre with me. even some of them said you're being and acting like a bitch since we're together lol. Dalam hati memang kimak, kau sape nak ckp orang. but..maybe they are true. 'Think about it'. Hahah! dont. youre gonna lose me if you do that
even if one day we seperate, il never forget you and all the times and moments we had together. the good ones, the bad ones to the sad ones..ALL. but i hope we'll never grow apart. Jangan tau! if jumpa kawan baru cakap kat dia kau sapa ha??????!!! aku nak lin aku la!!!! kau gimati!! hahaha sorry thats harsh lol. takpayah la mencarut. kau kan gadis melayu terakhir :P
You know il protect you always, now, thru the thick and thin until the end. and, You're one of the kind. never had a friend like you before.
Mm,youre so my love :-)



go if you dont care

Why on earth am I doing here, at 12am.. Well im just bored. Im currently into twitter now and I must say its fun. lol i have to say that since ive abandoned twitter like real bad though. anyway, im reading Mariah's tumblr and i found this. it was posted 5 months ago

“Di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada keinginan.” —hercules

List peribahasa Mariah, enjoy :)

Alang-alang mandi biar guna sabun.

Bapak borek, anak rintik, emaknya pasti petak-petak.

Belakang parang kalau diasah lagikan tajam, kepala manusia

kalau diasah pasti botak.

Berapa berat mata memandang, berat lagi seguni beras.

Biar lambat asalkan lembab.

Biar putih tulang, jangan kuning gigi.

Carik-carik bulu ayam lama-lama jadi shuttlecock.

—Cubit paha kanan, peha kiri tak rasa apa-apa pun.

—Dari mana hendak ke mana, kenapa kau tanya, menyibuk pulak.

—Di mana ada gula di situ adalah gula-gula.

—Di mana bumi dipijak, di situ ada kesan kena pijak.

—Diam-diam ubi berisi, diam-diam orang bisu..

Gajah mati meninggalkan gading, harimau mati meninggalkan belang,

manusia mati meninggal dunia.

Habis madu sepah dikitar semula.

Sedikit-sedikit lama-lama tinggal sikit.

Harapkan pagar, pagar tak boleh harap.

Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak tak apa.

Hidung tak mancung, gigi macam kereta sorong.

Hidup segan mati ditanam.

Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri,

lebih baik kalau hari tak hujan.

Jauh di mata sakit di hati.

—Jika kail panjang sejengkal beli le yang panjang sikit

kalau nak ngail di laut.(beli le pukat tunda lagi baik)

—Kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang simpan esok pagi.

—Kalah jadi abu, menang jadi arang, seri jadi abu bakar.

—Ke mana tumpahnya kuah kalau tidak ke bawah.

—Kecil-kecil cili padi, kecil lagi biji cili.

—Lembu punya susu, cap teko dapat nama.

—Makan hati berulam jantung dengan jeruk buah pinggang dan

usus masak kicap.

—Masuk telinga kiri, keluar telinga kanan, tersumbat kat

mulut, meleleh kat hidung.

—Membujur lalu melintang pukang.

—Orang memberi kita merasa, orang tak beri kita paksa dia.

—Pandu cermat, jiwa Kassim Selamat.

Watta eff man. gua rasa bosan tahap yeba-yeba sial bangang ar ,nak tidur bye



superman batman apocalypse

why does he have to be so cute..

Hoooooooooooooooooomygod! hes such an apple pie. hes like the cutest person on earth ive ever seen! Lie. Its you. hahaha well.. cant believe i still remember his name-Adam Lamberg. well.. he was a disney star, acting in Lizzie McGuire(hell,i just miss that stuff,the movie and all) its amazing. Gordo:P he looks different now. no more curly hair, aww :{ i just love his old hair altho the new one is..kinda hot :P

yes, this is the old look of Adam Lamberg. i mean like c'mon, why did you cut yr hair and make it look bad?! cse this is cuter lol haha Tragic. its his life tho, move on brat

Well..seriously i dont know what to write but somebody wants me to post something and yeah, this is it. im out of ideas you fool. 23rd is the date, and i am going to die. I hope il get nice grades like really nice tau. so scared though. lucky you spm candidates

to me, i think the days gonna be a tragedy. unforgetable tragedy, i think. hahahah. well.. a good tragedy that happens for a "reason" yicks. why the f does everybody have to say that? i just hate that word. Im effin it

Argh. imsoomissingyou. well, yeah. Mm tell me something i dont know
i fucking dont know what to write idiot. this is so suprising
lol neway im bored im pissed so just go,fck off



UNICEF - Raise Your Hands, Stop Child Abuse

UNICEF - Raise Your Hands, Stop Child Abuse

Thats my hand for UNICEF! You can also join us by log on to the website above and have fun creating creative hand 8) I love this. and Stop abusing children. Your help is highly appreciated


its all about US

Hey i fcking love you girl!!
mind the eyes. it was part of our acting concern. hehe ''weh cinta2'' Hahahahahaha



its better if you dont understand

never liked bm but this song really explains my eveWything

"weh jgn kutuk lagu aku!" -ly



remember wht you toldme



what the fuck is wrong with you,and everyone.
*** is a nipple.
**** is a nipple.
**** is a nipple.
The nipples. why is everyone acting like a nipple. everybodys making me pissed
Youre a nipple!! not you. Yes you

see,a nipple



aan is a nipple.


euphoria new york

just wanna tell you that I love you al youre so nice and youre a good friend too weve been friends for such a long time. since 2008 if im not mistaken. kan? never thought you are a nice girl al.. seriously. Hahaha thats soo harsh. but yeah Love you Alya Izzati Azahar Shah. I know, i spelled your name correctly. i mean your dad's name. youve told me before. remember? :P oh yeah! now i know wheres your school located.. Its huge. anyway I Love you!!

Iwan i miss you!! arghhh



dyknow wht is it, i think you should google it. anyway today is such a boring day. its friday and its killing me. i thought todays gonna be loony,hell no & i keep on thinking what am i actually doing now. Mm *sigh

Hahhahaa, waklu habis nureina. apa ke bosannye hidup ni.aku rase tensial bdo. but yea, senanye aku yg bdo. eh!! have you watched rapunzel? aww i think the movie is so cute seriously.. k lets talk about something. like, random? everybody loves random andd being random. dont you think so? cse yeah so do i.

i was searching for cover of forever from chris brown on youtube and i think this vid is the best among all

and hey i cant believe that italians and etc cud read my blog. just wonderin, how did you guys find this shit? haha thats harsh. but yea, thanks for reading..if only you understand(f elin,of course they do)

its a cover song

I love you iwan
Cmbang,mmg boring pun



whaaaatt, this is amazing

pxo tfr

suicide jumper

Joe Brooks Superman Pictures, Images and Photos

hiii everyone. what a cold day. feel like continuing my sleep though but its okay, its already 12:10 now so i dont think i could sleep happily anyway! i just cant believe i already made a tumblr acc, so yeah, search for me, click the link. its like,ive been told by farrah and my friends that tumblr is waay better than blogger but i doubt that. infact, yeah, its tumblr, and we keep reblogged, reblogged and reblogged. well now i think its not a big deal at all because we can relate ourselves with the graphics and whatsoever actually i dont know what to say i just want to update something here so yeah, mind my crappy words. im just bored

incase if you read my tumblr, i apologize for the foolness of mine cause i dont know how to use it..yet!! so yeah, i cant wait to get my finger crossed as soon as possible. fyi, i think blogger is the best for now. youve been good so, i wont leave you. ha ha ha what a fxking joke. i miss nifal. wondering what is he doing now. i mean like yea, youre a good friend,why must i forget you anyway
ohyea! i forgot to tell you that i want to sell my things somewhere since i got nothing to do at home. and my mum was like "you gotta do something...bla3456". im effin it. Seriously. i mean like c'mon la, what to do? at home? im like, alone. because my siblings are like, they got their things to do, like whatever idc. its like Me=watching tv, online 24/7, sleep, and go eat, sometimes i didnt eat, go pray, go listen to musics, sleep somemore, pray and eat, online again, sleep again..what a routine. i could end up looking like a fat bitch dyknwtht. i could barely feel the pain.
Barely. No p, its okay im still here
i dont know what to write actually. its because im bored and i really want to post something. so its like mind me. if you wanna read just read if you wanna leave hell is always yours :-)
so. yeah.

i dont know what to write anymore

i cant believe theres a song like your boyfriend is a douchebag..lalala well yea i do think this is cool anyway.
thanks for reading :-) goodluck

love knows no distance

Boy: I wish she knew.
Girl: I wish he knew.
pfftYou guys r going 2 die...

babi!puki tul i think tumblr really got nice pics and sayings!! sorry la firdaus, i ambik from your tumblr. ala padahal repost kan? hehehe chill, mariah mmg syg you
before that

hey nureina i like this:
Sometimes I just have to let him win.
Losing the argument is easier than losing him.

lol, i copied. eh jom la futsal? its been awhile since the last time we met kan
fuck this, i think im going to tumblr-ise myself as soon as possible!! sorry blogger



nyummy, im full

found this somewhere


* Last beverage: rice etc for my dinner
* Last phone call: adini
* Last text message: from adini=saying that she broke up with her boyfriend last night? this is too personal lol
* Last song you listened to: ive understimated my charm (again)-black kids
* Last time you cried: yesterday? i think


* Dated someone twice: whats that supposed to mean?
* Been cheated on: i dont know
* Lost someone special: ...
* Been depressed: why do you have to ask this anyway
* Been drunk and threw up: never


* Blue
* Pink
* Purple


* Made a new friend: yeah i did
* Fallen out of love: duh
* Laughed until you cried: Haha lol of course
* Met someone who changed you: hahahaha idk what to say
* Found out who your true friends were: maybe.. :')
* Found out someone was talking about you: i dont get
* How many kids do you want?: 2-4?
* Do you have any pets: hamsters
* Do you want to change your name: if only i can
* What did you do for your last birthday: i was in perak, celebrating my day with lily, receiving a lot of phone calls from my mates
* What time did you wake up today: 12:30pm
* What were you doing at midnight last night: i slept.
* Name something you CANNOT wait for: what something
* Last time you saw your Mother: just now
* What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: anything
* What are you listening to right now: spastic youth-oag
* What's getting on your nerves right now: everything!!!
* Most visited webpage: my fb, blogger
* Whats your real name: Faszmaliena bt Zainal Alam
* Nicknames: elin
* Relationship Status: ...
* Zodiac sign: aquarius
* Male or female?: feeeemaaaalllleee
* Primary School?: SK Seksyen 6 Kota Damansara
* Secondary School?: SMK Seksyen 10 Kota Damansara
* High school/college?: -
* Hair colour: black
* Long or short: you tell
* Height: i dont know, you judge
* Do you have a crush on someone?: you of crse
* What do you like about yourself?: nothing
* Piercings: ew no!! hahaha
* Tattoos: no
* Righty or left: right


* First surgery: what?
* First piercing: ee
* First sport you joined: bola baling *hahaha
* First vacation: usa!!


* Eating : nah
* Drinking: -
* I'm about to: sleep,i think
* Listening to: angsty by best coast
* Waiting on: waiting on what?


* Want kids?: anak angkat je lah
* Get Married?: dont ask me
* Career?: dont ask me!


* Lips or eyes: eyes
* Hugs or kisses: i lied, the answer is actaully both
* Shorter or taller: Taller
* Older or Younger: older
* Romantic or spontaneous: um both?
* Nice stomach or nice arms: nice arms 8)
* Sensitive or loud: none
* Hook-up or relationship: none
* Trouble maker or hesitant: none


* Kissed a stranger:why must i
* Drank hard liquor: its illegal, NEVER k
* Lost glasses/contact: yea i lost my glasses
* Sex on first date: its illegal??
* Broken someone's heart: i think?? hahaha
* Been arrested: for wht
* Turned someone down: parents of mine
* Cried when someone died: lol
* Fallen for a friend?: yes!!


* Yourself: no
* Miracles: sometimes
* Love at first sight: kinda
* Heaven: yes
* Santa Claus: hahaha NO
* Kiss on the first date: -
* Angels: yesh


* Had more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time: noo..
* Did you sing today?: yea everyday my dear
* Ever cheated on somebody?: just a normal kid
* If you could go back time, how far would you go?: its not even worth it
* If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be?: 4th april!!
* Are you afraid of falling in love?: kahkah tah

eh ive lost weight!! yeay!!


kecak dance from the balinese


i still read peter and jane what

Alaina moore is so petite,i just love her voice 8) oh yea, just wanna let you know-if you are like, those who followed because you wanted me to follow you back im sorry i dont have time for that! so sorry :)

but of course il try to follow you back

its me, again

hi!! at last i got the 'rajin' mood of mine to edit my blogger. well, atleast i edited rite. actually, i really wanted to upgrade it by downloading this damn nice template from somewhere but i guess it didnt work out,at all. now i say Fuck you because its wasting my time. seriously, feel like kicking those asses

anyway. its been awhile since i posted the latest right? lol it was yesterday fyi. but yea, i mean c'mon, i need to tell something abt my life right.. and whats happening around me. i feel like moving to ireland and learn something special there accents maybe?
or perhaps...i'd get to learn dancing irish rover!! what a fxking joke if. if i were a billionaire or maybe i got relatives from ireland, maybe MAYBE i will get the chance to stay there in ireland. bumbum, i think ireland is such a nice place and..yeah, nice. its just amazing

Ok. i found this from my friend's tumblr, tini and i think this is cool
hell yeah, what a nice one. i keep reading my friend's tumblrs and i think tumblr got really nice graphics and etc but duh, what is the point here, you got a tumblr but you keep repost, repost, and repost things that have been reposted by someone.. its just, confusing me anyway

and hell, you should hear reza salleh's latest single entittled i dont remember, it starts from S something and c like sc something yea i forgot but its nice
soo. what to share?
let's see. im still me. im still lazy. im still nice (yeah i know), im still, Me. so whats the big deal here..hmm never thought blogging could make my brain freezes and make it out of ideas. how suck=70

for the sake of god, i think i should spill it here. i just dont understand why im still alive. cse, its like..i should be in a hospital somewhere around here because the "keputusan pmr apejdah hrm is just around the corner and im soooo going to die!! kill me kill me

it sucks when you think youre thin and yeaa!@#$%^&*(.)but the fact is youre getting fatter day by day and it is also suck when you didnt eat for few days and you think you are maintaining the ideal weight of yours but fuck, it never worked out actually...SOsad