the rules shall apply cause no pain no gain man

that was wilshere, (y)
i think its worth it if you buy their album:
  • kelly clarkson
  • paramore
  • jordin sparks
  • colbie caillat
  • 30 seconds to mars
  • alicia keys
  • ne-yo
  • nelly furtado
  • eminem
  • john mayer
  • artic monkeys
  • jay sean
  • katy perry
  • linkin park
  • ke$ha
  • pixie lott
some arent really my fave, but i think its really worth it
`til then


baby you are aint all that, baby theres no way back

hi and hello there

morning after dark on fly fm is weird, no nelly furtado and i think you lost the good voice there
and baby (radio version) ft ludacris is kindaaa idk, i like the way he performed somewhere much better
and i never like bad romance by lady gaga. it reminds me of someone i really hate HIHI ookay just cut the crap

1901 by phoenix keeps playing in my mind since lasttt year lol
yeaa rigght school isnt that bad, ithink. and yeah it isnt ;P

hot kan wilshere


soon to be fifteen says taylor swift

today was absolutely gempakkkkk
eventhough i got tonnes of lecture by my mum
who thinks shes right
sorry, nooooo offence eleeh none taken

school was fine cant say much, after school was hilarious and boleh la
lepak with my friends kat canteen, doing science yang kakak ali ajar paling takleh bla
and disturbing people especially abang form 6 yang ingat kita suka kat dia en mariah? EW
hahahahahaahaha lawak sial
and he was like staring cam cover cover lak tu sakai ar then kita usha lagi and he was like soooo malu haha lawak do
and then suddenly he came towards us, i mean our table and cam staring at meeee and then went to mariah and hamizah
i was like 'wth is he doing here oh my god'
hahah cause before the game begins, faizal told that guy that i like him fuck fcuk you faizal and he was asking faizal do i got a sister or something
pape ar en

theeeeeeeeeeeeeeen someone wanted to treat me and my friends MCD! hahahahahah kepo gila but seriously apahal dia baik sangat en en en
farhan is so buto. cam he got so many jokessssss! he is such a joke cracker and well-managed one haha
chilling with both of them and mriah and also hamizah werent that bad but boring la cause only inside the school

heeey did you know our prophet nabi muhammad SAW married with his wife, aishah in heaven? i thinks thats just utterly perfect.



pottery barn (random stuffs) riot

I think I kinda like you
Do you know you are abusing me?
I love you. I do
Im suffering because of you
I think we are weird. My friends think so
Apahal kau? takleh lagi gay?
I love you,still :(
pegi mati, siapa suka kau ee
I miss you badly
Im sorry, I made a big mistake letting you go
Forgive me
I didnt talk to you, asshole
It wasnt for you
We were bestfriends
I like the old us
We are so different now
Dont you feel that?
Odd times
You are a good friend
She is
She was
She actually is, still
I know you are gay
Gay means happy, idiot
Takleh lagi obvious ke buto
Kau ingat aku jeaous ar en
you took my friends
all of this happened because of you,
He thinks hes hot
Ingat semua perempuan suka dia
gi mati ah
"aku kan comel baru tahu ke"


donate to help Haiti

faizal and mariah requested this*

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omgee, valentine is on 14th! bestnya whoever who celebrates the day with her/his partner. must be a blast. gooood

today was quite fun. went to school around 7 yang agak lambat ar jugak, then i met mariah of course. yeah, same like the ordinary days. today we got a new timetable, which informs us the new teachers, new teachers and new teachers ;) nothing much to say, teachers are teachers, they are just the same but maybe the way they teach us aite. so yeah

school ended around 1, and decided to stayback since i got rumah sukan practise (which was i didnt go) was it how it should be?
i know. suck much
we were gone to mamak! haha invited farhan to join and asked me to treat him like what the heck but i did belanja him look how kind am i
and he told a lot of stories between him and his lifeeeeeee
oh yeeea haha this form 5 guy um hes kinda okay kan mariah? elelelele whats his name again? shouldi remember pun
AND OH! that form 6 guy yang perasan gila nak maaaaaaampos that I like him? hahahahha
best kot usha usha dia en

this bitch, and her friend well yeah, were staring at me and mariah without blinking! wow power gilaaaaaa!!! makan carrot banyak sangat kan. and why was that? kau hot sangat ah tuu haktuih

i dont know why on earth was he calling my friend and say bad things about me, tak cukup gay ke? i think im not interfering myself to your life and you dont have to do so.

saturday oh saturday, please tell me eveything's going fine. can you just feel the beat of mine?



this is subjective

i rather study than texting 24/7. proud to say, i didnt top up for 3 days ++
and thats good to hear yo
tinggal singgit pun takyah kisah dah

hi hey -

2010 is full of suprises. eventho its only 21st of jan now, i got a lot of suprise and shock news well yeah, indeed. cant say much hope i will gett the happy suprises alolo
im waiting for my february to come

i have changed. from the elin who likes to text like all the day, who uses to layan all the calls and whoever who textes her to a girl who sleeps at 11 (hehe but sometimes 1 or 2), who doesnt reply the trashes (texts) ahah and yeah calls, hampeeeh
and you dont have the right to accuse me and saying me sombong or whatever its really annoying really i say
apahal en? baik aku text orang yang paling aku sayang drpd nak layan budak malady cam kau

ah im feeling like migrating myself to mars and meet aliens atleast the aliens arent gay hahah
as ifffff ;p

imma be imm be imma be babi
trying to like my school is the hardest thing ever. haha but atleast okay ar got hanna arinna mariah
grr away to langkawi tomorrow goodbye to the fucking merentas desa yeay im skipping and im not going this saturday oyeah oyeah 4 days off

im reducing my onlining times but then why the heck im still here?
- x o x o,
gossip girl


your the best damn thing sayang. haktuih

hi hey hello-

damnit, malas gila nak update blogger yea heck man its been a week kot en? haa yeah idk what to say here and im sorry nurul for not going to your birthday party last nite i seriously wanted to go but then im having a fever so yeah and sorry to tyra too cause i didnt inform her that im not going cause im out of creds seriously im such a bad friend and everybody is saying that i guess well im damn sorry.

everyone is having a problem with their dad and why is that happening idk why so how are you guys long time no see its been awhile aite

tonnes of homeworks wont help us i guess i bought a lot of exercises book lastnite at popular yum all the books look very extremely attractive i like HHAHA and suddenly i met einur ee my hair is from fashion of hell haha

ive been observed a lot of malay movies and dramas these days and i found out that the stories are damn boring and balik balik cite sama je. tak cinta, mati kena bunuh. mak mentua tak suka la, lastlast mati kena langgar, orang revenge of the fallen kat dia. and thats how it goes. 'cerita melayu'. bukan nak condemn or what but thats true. patutla semua orang duduk depan tv tgk cite indon. sebab indon semua comey comey. hahahah tak indon pun layan bedtime stories ke en. cause yeah, its different

and same goes to songs. ce compare english songs and malay songs.
malay songs all about love mostly ah about love. tak pasal tu pun lagi sakai
if english songs, ce compare dgn paramore punya. lagu where the lines overlap, playing god, turn it off, i caught myself. takde ar dia cer aku sayang kamu and stuff semua en
if ada pun maybe kat my heart, the only exception, all i wanted. maybe tu boleh la accept en
or live like we're dying by kris allen. atleast it advices us to live our life to the fullest dont you think so?
thats what i think and what i feel.

hm haha hm haha hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm mm mm MMMM
i watched oprah's show last friday after i got back from school and yeah the story goes like this, this girl shes 15 just like justin bieber last year hahaha she was fifteen last time and her parents didnt allow her to sign up to any of social websites and pages for safety reasons. she thinks shes such a mummy daughter cause yeah everywhere she goes got her mum beside her and she always says that her mum is an over-protactive mother. kaay but then she signed up on this website and yeah got to know this guy i dont remember, his age but older than her obviously like so many years cam shes 15 and hes 27. one day her mum found out that she has a page on this social website and her mum took her laptop for 5 months++
the climax goes like this: one day this girl what should we call her i dont remember her name just assume her name is kristen stewart aha takde ah okay call her haylie
okay this haylie girl she sneaked out and yeah followed the guy to a hotel. this haylie girl was sexually abussed by that guy cam kesian gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

then blablabla she told her mum and her mum was like why was that happening and so sad angry at the same time but yeah this is complicated to explain and they made a police report blabla bla and the man got caught my the police and arrested and went to jail for several years and still there now. that girl dead 5 days after the accident cause having a very hard trauma and pity her mother la cause she was like i didnt protect my daughter but shes actually did cam sian gila do. 'mums are naturally made like this, we cant change ourselves, we always want the best for our child'

it was 4-5 years ago if im not mistaken
mende sial aku merapu segala bagai but yeah true tale man
hahah confirm tak scroll up dah

i read farrah's blog. couldnt agree with her. totally. she said tumblr is the best la apa la rasa nak katuk kepala dia haha tak pasal. im inlove with blogger, i wouldnt sign up on tumblr count on me blogger hahahha. geeeeedik. well the day has just started. probably it will be just like the previous days, rather ordinary. well i shall go now.
wehhhhhhhh nak pegi muse do.



cause i like you, i like you

hi -
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ahh i wanna insert links just like azri la hahahah

got back from school around 1 30 pm and arrived at 2 pfft must i tell you everytime i blog? kay whatever so yeah today was bored. everyday before this was so hell cares

danial is nice to talk to :O but yeah ahahaha. as you can see i got a tonnes of homeworks to be completed. and i had a blast reading Dr Jekyll and My Hyde just now at school just a bit

oyeeah 'the eyes are the windows to your soul' ahh fuck cares. apahal kau wannabe

well the same person is psycho, haha eventually hes die and thats good cause yeah you trample the kid and you need to get the payback
la la la im so bored why must i type about it pun

my school is a place for monkeys, a day at school its like a year with loads of disaster sometimes but yeahh, school, place for learning ahhh FUCK CARES! hhahahaha
babi bosan

am i the one and only? cause youre the only one

am reading couple's blogg they write about the hottest issue for now, the "Allah" word that the christians want to use. well idk what to say. i always want to guard my religion but then im just a fifteen bratkid who doesnt know anything and yes, a raw kid of course tak pasal pasal kena sue. well government will do the best for us betul tak? ceh i talk about politic lah :O

so school is the damned fafa-king place to go. go there and study and go back like idiot, is it how it should be?


yes im the one and only but im not the only one


error lander

school was boring. fuck cares. the rumah sukan thingy was damn boring. everything is boring.



online life distorts privacy rights for all

im so sorry guys cause yeah sometimes if you text me i dont reply its not because im ignoring or neglecting you or what its just because im too lazy to reply. no doubt but yeah seriously. except for those important stuffs

Watercolor Heart Pictures, Images and Photos

cause people always get offended when i didnt reply sekati ar hahaha tak ada ah. im damn sorry but yeah, lazy. you knowww, malas. and yeah haha phone calls, depends on the caller la. i dont pick up all calls. so dah la

watercolor Pictures, Images and Photossometimes i reply with my closed eyes cause yeah damn you are disturbing my sleep. hahaha tak ada ah


hyperbaric oxygen therapy

hi -
i think paranormal activity is awesome. if only i got time to watch

i have just had my breakfast while watching teve. well guess what more cases of murder
im so frightened cause the case cam so
'thriller' sumpah do this chinese guy, his age around 20 something has been stabbed by this stranger or should i say 'the inhuman' like so many fucking times kat chest and body then took his sling bag and ran away.

like fuck weh, thats so mean en nak snatch sampai killing segala lagai cam this is so mean.
he should be given consideration, he needs to get the payback. dah ar indon tak sedar diri. takleh ke you makan cari duit sendiri and not by doing like this. tak pasal pasal you duduk merengkok dalam jail

im just feeling sympathy cause you know, he died at
the scene just like that. tak pasal pasal kang jadi the front page of the newspaper betul tak. im sorry to hear. hope that we all can prevent crime cases like this by taking care of ourselves

going to deana's bubbye



open your eyes for a brighter future

hi hello guys -

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today was tiring. went out with family and cipi to subang parade and had our lunch at nandos. yummy, its been a donkey years we didnt eat there so yeah. then we went straight to mummy's house at ampang since shes going to london next week i guess. and maybe papa is following but i dont know

my brothers are craving for a predator something? yea, for football. macam alligator sial haha terkejut aku, i was so lame grr i saw one at subang parade and it costs 300 ++ like whoa thats priceless ceh agak ar expensive do
but then he odered thru mummy je la suruh beli kat sport direct and i hope papa is going boleh la dapat baju topshop 5 ke 6 kan haha plus winter dah tak sangat dah

deana asked me to sleepover at her house but sadly mama didnt give me to go there since she said, "your parents are different than hers" hoyeeah. i started cursing but then i was just like pape la sial

then we went to sky park idk why were we going. once we entered, ada cam concert en tak la gempak mana but still awesome. theres pesawat :O like omg thats fun and i saw a lot of hotties, cuci mata bai. then ada this guy waving at me hot gilaaa pfft! his face cam comel gila babi but then i was just like uh, whatever hahaha ceh jual mahal lak

i bought a handbag :D which is lawa la jugak. 55bucks like okay la so so price. and mama bought something too grr. anyway, the show was awesome though and yeah seriously banyak gila hottie, fuck

i was wearing arsenal. and they were like staring at my shirt macam apahal do boobs aku macam pamela anderson ke nak usha usha tapi cam ye ar diorg cam kinda suprised en ada jugak betina minat arsenal en. berbangga tak? ahahaha

this 21 til 22 of january we're going to langkawi 8) gee thats amazing i guess. naik firefly en cam wow ahaha ee kepo ala lek sudah ah

caya ah, gua tak sentuh lagi homework yang banyak gila yang tengah compete dengan kinabalu mount oyeah oyeah


automotive paint stripper

hi everyone -

RETRO SNEAKERS ?! Pictures, Images and Photos

ah, woke up around 8:30 am how cool is that huh? and i feel fresh cause maybe i slept at 2 lastnite? is that good i know it is

today is saturday and what shall we do if not doing homeworks? correct, doing homeworks is the only thing. since school starts i feel like so insane macam tah pape bagi homework yang boleh compete dengan everest mountain

nurul invited me to her birthday party at her house this 16th january. and shes invited tyra too like omg boleh la jadi camerafreak dgn dslr dia betul tak eheheh, oh yea Happy Birthday in advance babe

tak ada la ramai mana pun yang born in this month betul tak. if im not mistaken only nurul je la kot hahahah but maybe ada lagi which is i dont wanna remember

retro Pictures, Images and Photosim so friggin bored man. staying at home can damage nerve cells seriously aku baca encyclopidia or whatever it spells version malaysia

fuck monday


wizards of ahhhhhs

hi hello -

lama sial dah tak dengar cer korang en. haha arief lagi ar, menghilang terus mentang mentang dapat new gf terus lari pergi club. sakai tak sakai. tak cer lagi this person yang pernah related dengan aku zaman purba dulu tuuuuuuuu *

so cam yeah, deana promised me to call me after thissssssssssssss hoyeah hoyeah 8) hahaha sumpah rindu kau weeeeeeh

and you know what, i hate strangers who called me last time and just now. cam he called me and asked me who am i, WHO AM I? thats effin irritating cause yeah, youre the one who calls me and not me, obviously la cau lancau. dont teach your grandmother how to suck eggs ceh cause she already knew how

so yeah, these days are getting harder for me to go on. im just following the flow, how suck is that, how okay is that. i cant say anything anymore and yeah, dont expect the unexpected cause it may be like yeeeeeeah you know

i dont understand whats wrong with my school sumpah do apahal la sekolah tu bermasalah tahap dewa dewi antologi dah ar dengan students yang malady gila like weh sumpah do you better behave yourself ar. penat la nak sekolah situ dah

okay la, frankly my class isnt that bad. cam still ada the joker of the year; farhan
eventho dia macam mak kimak sekarang. ceh tak ada ar. tak pasal
and still, ada kamarul yang i think hes not bad, still can crack jokes and he makes people laugh easily, and still jugak, ada bitch yang aku rasa memang kena menyemak dalam kehidupan seharian aku kat bumi yang fana ni. sakai

the teachers are just okay. takda pun yang best. maybe ada ar sorang dua, my english teacher, pn munirah shes such a great teacher i just love the way she teaches us bila aku dengar dia teaching haa nganga terus see how good is she i tell youuuu bi babi

but yeah okay lah, i got mariah and hamizah atleast. diorang pun layan je la potpetpotpet aku yang non stop ni en, dengan cursing 24/7 yang agak overboard gila. kisah?

hahahahah but yeah still, missing my friends. bila la nak jumpa lagi do
sat bangsat hahaha



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nice hair, im so effin envy

hi! -

kay since i didnt blog for a week i think i wanna revenge the fallen hahah i want to blogging til i want to stop so yeah. rindu nya 2 arif, and im fucking missing 2009 holyshit sumpah. 2009 is the best year ever for now, swear i miss it and never ever forget the moments that happened in that year

and i was like listening to this song try sleeping with a broken heart by alicia keys which is i think, okay lah jugak. tak ada ah batak cam faizal smpai letak lagu art of love kat page, sakai. haha tak ada ahh

when i was at school just now, i feel diff ye ar en first friday at school. lepak dengan faizal after school, wasnt bad at all. cam faizal en, boleh la. layan en. kata kawan
omg! i met someone hottie gila which is aku cair do :I
you know i like a guy with beard and moustache sikit pastu his hair curly curly and my friends were like " eee, apa taste kau do!!!!!"
i was like, eh hot apa en? kan kan?

'who?' and 'who?', sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage. la la la this song is always in my mind

look at this:

cute en? haha tak ada ah
goodbye bitch,

the vines

hi hey -

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fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! i miss blogging damn much. gila ah, for a week kot i didnt blog and stuff. and i miss it. and im sure my stalkers are missing my posts too. eheheh cap lancap!
hahaha relax ar tahu ah dah 5 days sekolah

sorry for the silent dead hahaha tak ada ah. sorry for not blogging im fucking busy with school, homeworks and etc and still busy. god knows how busy am I doh since school starts. and sumpah honestly gua cakap sama lu, template haritu buruk gilaaa babbi! hahaha so yeah, i changed it to the normal one so that its easier to use, than before of course

i miss 2009 badly, seriously. deana, imran farhan johan and all yeah, fuck cares en? I CARE! hahahah kaay

when i walked in 2010, bukan nak cakap apa la en but starting dia sumpah suck gila nak mampos and i feel like i want to go back to 2009 but yeah, who are we en. seriously cam 2010 (starting je la en, the rest idk yet) cam suck ah. taktahu apasal. maybe sebab kita dah masuk 2 digits punya year kat belakang semua jadi batak oh maklumlah nak melangkah ke wawasan 2020. sakai. en en? "sakai habis"

so yeah. today wasnt bad i guess except for the books, cam sial aku bawak but didnt belajar like apa case en, i was just following the timetable but yeah PMD something. hell cares

damn im just tired of everything but i know one thing, i love you Iwan

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yellow pages

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hey hi hey

sorry for not updating, deana asked why didnt i, i was like malas cause YYEEEEAHHHH
so here i am now typing like nobody cares but grr i care. im fucking bored. someday il delete this effin blogger
chaow ah