hm susah nya nak peluk dia (ha ha :D)

okay, im so tired. penat bodo. well, everyday is tiring. and i hate it. when im tired, i feel weak and weak and weak and finally, asleep. god, asleep is irritating, very. because we're just tired, we dont want to sleep yet, aite? huh life

alrite, actually i just got back from sleep. not really but 30 minutes after woke up form bed. i waited for my phone to delete my messages because dah cam 5000 like gee, my phone will get stuck again and again if i didnt do it. so tetibe, when im listening to the songs, i felt aslept. and there you go an hour sleep. when i just woke up from sleep, i was like omg, mssg amm mssg amm tk reply. bodo, i knw. cuak cam org gila. when i see the phone, ho yeah 15 messages and he's one of the sender. coolio huh :P

and farhan was like wehh, tgh 413 skrg mcm pundek hilang je. misscall pulak tu. haha, then tetibe weh tgk 102, ah lagi lancau cite apa tah tu

thenn cam gila sikit otak bengong call deana and asked, ada homework tak? dgn suara yg agak merdu, "itu lah soalan paling bodoh aku pernah dgr" aku dgn segala daya upaya yg ada, try accept yr answer but tkleh. and i asked her whats the homework so ckp ckp skjp about all that and wolla, i hang up the phone just like tht. what? biadab? ah pegi mati, kwn je. kepo do kau

da la penat, nak makan and buat homework. i got tonnes anddd, im going to fast tomorrow. what a joy. wolla (what the hell is that word means?) i dnt even knw but in my dictionary or elinclopydia it says goodbye whore


is actually tired

up there, lily or may i say nurfatin atikah? i miss her

as i said yesterday, im fasting today. and im so starving. sumpah nak makan sial but puasa en, kene chill je la. alright, im in trouble. pfft kau mmg tak suka tgk aku bahagia en? fine, whatever. and and and today i got oral :O for my english. fcking scared. da la group dgn boyan boyan sial. hahaha, jk ah weh, jgn sentuh :P farhan and imran. and also deana la, of crse. farhan cam ye ye je en nak topic tu la ni la, last last cam babi tkd apa. dgn lawak bodoh dia tu, mmg tkleh bla. if dia buat buku sumpah aku beli bodo

just wondering, if im not with one of you cmne? :O okay, just forget abt it. im searching for my phone pouch. the arsenal one. FUCK where the hell is that thing? ive searched it everywhere and heck, tak jumpa. weh deana kau nampak tk mana aku letak? sumpah aku nangis do smlm, eceh

eh eh gtg my vans coming, bye


penat sangat

homeworks, fasting, go to hell sana. wilshere is fcking hot



takleh tahan sial

farhan said sagna has a brother and i kept asking her from the class started till the class ended. and he didnt answer whos his brother. and atlast he answered. the answer is LASAGNA. thank god for the answer, pukimak

cita bagi gempak sbnrnya lepas tu terus dia bgtahu haha nama pun elin, biasala



beat the rest

alrite, just got back from my hometown (9 pm), gee my mum forced me to wake up from sleep, how annoying I was enjoying my dream okay. ergh! okay, its fine, im okay now. woke up at 6, then i prayed and then bathed and stuff and now im home :D so happy bcse i've done my maths, eventually. i mean hm, just the questions, the answers nanti nantii ahaha :P

so i got the guitar and plucking and plucking and plucking. how to tell all of you, i dont even knw the chords. i mean where the heck are the chords are. hmm, tu la cakap banyak bayar kurang en :p ahaha poyosss gila (bak kata amm) tkleh bla.

so sumpah nak main lagu my heart from paramore. atleast intro wehh. itupun cam agak bangga ah en :p alrite, check this out guys:

she sings exactly like hayley. omg her voice is awesome, kinda like her style plucking the guitar. gosh, she's so amazing. weh weh deana OH MY GOSHHHH ahahahaha pukimek :P

so this is it man, im totally fed up with him so i guess i should move on from dulu lg but i always say, hmm kesian la dia biar la dia dpt gf dulu but heck yeah, hes getting irritating day by day so how abt we start a new life? cool huh? i know, well thats why people call me elin, the smartest among those stupid :P

ahaha. wait, didnt do my folio yet so im playing with dirty sands(main kotor) im checking out at some trusted website, folio sejarah tingkatan 2 2009. and semua ada. or this one: cool gila bodo! you should try. if aku tahu benda ni dr lama sumpah aku dah siap. deana ah ni, menghalang lalu lintas

OH MY GOSHHH (wtf) today i got lisan. okay not only me, there's deana and bimbo. okay, kau je ah gang dgn dia. ahaha. we havent discuss it yet but whatever it is, im sort of lazy to go to schl today, mama is inside her bedroom and i'll try to beg (so that i can skip schl). crazy but smart idea :P this is elin la bodo

tosic is very very hot omg, he even goaled one i guess, last night match with China. Yeah thats wht Amm told me, so yea. he's effin hot la! but tak baik curang (bak kata deana sarip) i got wilshere daah, so leave him alone lah kan? have fun dgn the only guy, elehh

eh eh see the comparison between them, Zoran Tosic (Manchester United) and Jack Wilshere (Arsenal) hihi go gunners :P

Wilshere hot gila babi aku ckp, sumpah do

-david cook. eh eh elin wilshere dah aa ;)


capital M-E

yeah, capital M-E by taking back sunday. one of transformers 2 ost's songs. its very awesome, found it from a website that promotes transformers 2: revenge of the fallen soundtracks. pretty amazing huh. there's new divide by linkin park, let it go by cavo, never say never by the fray, almost easy by avenged sevenfold, not meant to be by theory of a deadman (goshh, i remember that), and more. ah kau, bajet kau megan fox ah nak letak fox kat belakang display name kau? mcm dia kenal kau pun. melebih bodo. okaay, Aryna invited me to go to her schl on this Saturday, i mean tomorrow eh today la :/ gosh, didnt know its almost 1 and im still typing and i have posted a lot of post for today just for this friggin blog :O omg, so shocked. and yeah, texting someone that I think Im inlove with you already but you gee yre so annoying nw. Aite, wtv. Anyways, yeah, she invited me. she said "hey, jom la dtg to my schl ada I.U day" okay, sounds familiar but i forgot whats that supposed to mean. hari? ahah, too bad for elin :p well sorry dear, i cnt go. Im going to Ipoh, Perak -breathless (AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN) bloody fuck, again. one, because of my annoying sister, shes going to celebrate her birthday there with my cousin, Irfan. gosh, how irritating. oh yeah, happy brthday Mai in advance, yre going to 7 and god, you're getting older day by day and i hate you. oh yea, same with cipi's brthday. happy brthday too, cousin. thanks for all yr cooperation :-D only god knows how lucky am I to have a helpful cousin, that is YOU! aha okay, topic closed. and i hope next week is much much and way better than this effin' week. dramatic muchh. alright, see ya

-david cook

this is deana debab :D hahaha

(ive removed the picture)

aha, tak lah debab mana pun. pegi la slimworld ye mcm I. HAHAHA. kidding la wey, kau ni cepat terasa betul en suraya. kata we have to smile. pale jubo kau smile taik kau. muka selalu menggoda nak suruh aku call, sumpah cair sial aku :P yeahhh, she has a nice teeth. A NICE TEETH? hhmm, it aint easy to understand obviously :/ ala, gigi dia lawa la bodo. tu pun ssh nak faham. seriously, gigi dia putih berseri bak tang number shanmugam :D aahah, she likes fabregas like bloody much. i even bought her fabregas' picture from Arsenal :P aha, punya lah appreciate. future boyf lah katakan :p alritee, speaking of teeth, god, for hundred times, may I repeat, i want to wear braces, PLEASE. please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please pleaseplease please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please. i feel like crying everytime i look at my teeth. it scares me ahahaha. babiiiiiiiiiii buto lancau. whatever. okay, deana has a brother and her sister. her sister is so gedik i mean very. mengada ngada, retard. ahaha. tp ikut kakak ah en :p kepo pulak. gigi kau buat aku jatuh iman bai, tergoda bodo. lawa la katakan ;p wookay, shes fun to talk with. very open minded, positive + negative thinking, kinda happy go lucky, silly with her crazy and mad jokes. she's absolutely insane. and this is Deana Zafiera Ghazali that I love :') aka tijah sopiah bt lepat. ahaha sumpah babi do

-david cook cooks cookie with hot chilli sauce :] the hell,

knock knock

Adiniiiiiii, i miss you bestf :( when can we meet again? hmm tahu tk last meeting kita when? haa a day after that bloody incident. 23rd may 2009. god, lama gila kot. and that was the last time, remember, i gave you the friendship bracelet? tee-hee, anything for our friendship man! i love you bestie. i really do, more than anyone. ahah. we share secrets, and secrets are secrets, no one knows abt that and thats a bestfriend stands for. I miss ya, really do. AAAAAAAAAA, seriously i want to meet you now. I got a lot to say to you, HELL A LOT. yre the best babe! oh have you heard knock knock by Lenka? that song is just great. but cant beat trouble is a friend kot :P how lame is farhan, he doesnt knw siapa yg sing The Show's song. haha its Lenka, sucker. aha later dudes

-david cook


ape ke bangangnya

alrighttttttttttttttttttttt. i guess i wanna cancel my myspace account. because of the boredness, hotness and jealousy. haha, damn. and i do think certain myspacers think they're hot but actually they're not. haihh, pathetic much. and this online icon Online Now! is very annoying. the icon shows that the person is online but the thing is mana ada. buto je lebih! bangang. tu lah tom, dah tua makin bangang. da la malas nak blogging. sebenarnya aku tk prnh suka chelsea so pergi mati

-elin, david

sickness of me

yo ppl :) how are ya? im good today, feeling better than yesterday, obviously. didnt go to schl for 2 days, wednesday and thursday. and deana too! haha gila ah, teachers semua mesti suspect kiteorg pegi fly memana en. but act we're not. i got fever and she's ill. apa tah penyakit dia. babi kot? sbb adik dia demam. haha whatever laa weyy. okay i got tonnes of homeworks here but who cares, we dont do homework. im going to perak tomorrow i know AGAIN. how lame. but the thing is relative sakit so yeah, pegi la balik perak sana. and yeah, planning to chill with lily, on saturday or sunday. tak kisahhh! btw ckg baru tuu, yg deana suka tuu (HAHA) sumpah tkleh bla. muka poyo gila nak mati, budget handsome mcm muka kau blh bwk pegi hari afterlife nanti en? budget kau awesome ah? mata menggoda kau? ah berzina cukup aku tgk mata kau yg memberi sinar harapan la konon. deana je suka kau hahaha (tkleh bla) just want to say, you're hot with yr ass haha, but not really so go die ;D

cant believe im blogging well thats me, i dnt really understand myself. im very complicated and thats it! im out

-david cook


tyra, we love you

  • ELIN Online Now!

    Jul 17 2009 10:54 AM

    chill la. tgk aku. tabah lah sgt hahah
  • ELIN Online Now!

    Jul 17 2009 10:52 AM

    yes i really am. hahahaha ;)
  • ELIN Online Now!

    Jul 17 2009 10:49 AM

    okay je kot. i look tough
  • ELIN Online Now!

    Jul 17 2009 10:46 AM

    yeah good then, (;
  • ELIN Online Now!

    Jul 17 2009 10:41 AM

    alright. thats it. face to face with him. and yes, reject dia if he wants you back
  • ELIN Online Now!

    Jul 17 2009 10:35 AM

    just chill. buat bodoh. thts the only way to make him realize that he's wrong i think. or you can fight them back
  • ELIN Online Now!

    Jul 17 2009 10:27 AM

    yeah, you go girl. thats the word. face to face with him, have a slow talk i guess. i knw you can solve yr problem ;)
  • ELIN Online Now!

    Jul 17 2009 10:21 AM

    then? invite yr friends to accompany you. look, you have to. if kau tak, the problem tu still ada in yr mind and you keep thinking abt him la, apa la. you must
  • ELIN Online Now!

    Jul 17 2009 10:15 AM

    how? okay first move, take a deep breath. i think you must face to face with him. have a talk, ask why did he say that
  • ELIN Online Now!

    Jul 17 2009 10:12 AM

    chill okay i knw yre so depressed right nw. take time to clear yr mind. get out from those problems. you can, but you dnt want to
  • ELIN Online Now!

    Jul 17 2009 10:06 AM

    Hey. Are you okay?

Tyra Megatron Online Now!

Jul 17, 2009 10:51 AM

oh, i see. good then. aku bangga dpt kwn mcm kau, sumpah kau tabah en?
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Tyra Megatron Online Now!

Jul 17, 2009 10:48 AM

hm, dah la. lupakan pasal problems aku. kau ni okay tk?
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Tyra Megatron Online Now!

Jul 17, 2009 10:43 AM

hm, yeah. wey aku rasa aku okay sedikit
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Tyra Megatron Online Now!

Jul 17, 2009 10:37 AM

yeah. aku nanti nk ckp puas-puas dari hati aku ni. kalau die nk aku balik en, aku reject. pukimak betol jerk tu :..(
fight? no need too. face to face jelaa
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Tyra Megatron Online Now!

Jul 17, 2009 10:31 AM

huh, yeah. aku takot kalau ade orang tahu. kau tahu la mulut si jerk tu and his friends mcm babi.
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Tyra Megatron Online Now!

Jul 17, 2009 10:23 AM

yeah, youre right. asal la aku ni bodoh,babi,pukimak betul la? aku patut mati kalau dugaan mcm ni pun aku tk boleh handle. hm, nanti aku face to face dgn die kt sekolah
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Tyra Megatron Online Now!

Jul 17, 2009 10:18 AM

huhh, im scared laa. kau tahu die tu selalu bwk kwn die, kang bila aku face to face dgn die, kwn die pulak ejek aku ni gf yg tk de maruah la itula. lagilaa aku frust.
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Tyra Megatron Online Now!

Jul 17, 2009 10:13 AM

huh, i want too la. but idk how? i'm really pissed off and frustrated and depressed
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Tyra Megatron Online Now!

Jul 17, 2009 10:08 AM

k.o . really really disappointed and down



sabrina hakim bt amir hakim. okay where the heck are you now i dnt even know. i miss you kot, yeah hard to believe. you disappeared just like that, without saying goodbye or farewell. we used to chill together with deana all the time after the incident. we miss you. even yr bestfriends miss you lots too. and we dont know where are you and stuff. we cant contact you at all. or meet you. and someone said you've changed yr school. sri aman. yeah, sri aman. its hard to let you go just like that. we've been friends for a long time. eventhough we fought when we were at form 1 (hahahhahahahahahaha tkleh bela) but believe me our friendship will never end. and may our friendship last forever, god bless

- elin


tak berapa kisah sebenarnya

tapi kisah lah sikit. hahahaha babi en? cam keling masuk cina well tht's deana's words. okaii whatever lah. ckp byk bayar kurang pulak en? that's lily. ah fatin atikah katanya. pape je ah kau

so like yeah, today i told all my stories to the bomb hahh deana le, siapa lagi en. she's fun to talk with. anyways, i think i need to talk to someone right now, OTP, whoever, hmm. duh who cares pun. eh hey, smk taman melawati kl has a carnival day this 25th july on thursday. farrah invited me, i wanna go, seriously! but my dad said damn far so yea, we'll see what happens. but shit i want to go shit shit shit. yeah agak lah kat mana, kl lah katakan

mm, ckg farhana is so petite with her smile and shes so kind and i adore her very much, very. she teaches maths in our class. 2 arif. eee arif! nama rempit. bak kata danial arep hhahha tkleh bela well agak ah, siapa je lah yg perasan. hey its not nice to condemn but yeah true what, no pressure, harsh words are acceptable here so yeah take it easy

kerana saya tak berapa kisah la saya kisah
hahahaha boo loser rempit wek wek perasan boobs besar! ckp lah tak ada