the fearr

hey, im so addicted to lily allen's song called the fear like fcuk yeeeah, tht song is fcking awesome and fcking amazing. i just love the way lily sang it and her voice, perghh, stunning baii. dah aa tu je kot, i miss my schl (ah, if aku ckp tak, aku gila) no offence.

-david cook cooks cookie


hi batman

okay, today's monday and im fcking bored. ddk rumah, online, online online. i cnt eat since im fasting today so yeah, bapak starving sial. nak makan, nak makan! ah, korang tahu tk last nite aaaa tkd pape aaa, haha. oh anoop dogg is too hott, i love him ;) fuck, boring gila and seriously aku nak keluarrrrrrrr, this wednesday set dgn nureina and gang, gerak the curve, ho-hoo. oh oh before that, im just want to inform that im going to sleep, hehe bye

-david c.



rasa nak sepak

lelaki kaaan, perghhh, hish malas ah nak cita